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A Subscription Widget for any website

  • Designed for Sendgrid
  • Double opt-in
  • Extra form fields
  • Analytics
  • Customisable
  • Welcome emails

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Powerful Features

SG Widget provides a configurable Sendgrid opt-in form to collect email addresses on your website, Wordpress included. An incredibly simple yet powerful tool that integrates perfectly with SendGrid Marketing Campaigns.

Start collecting subscribers in five minutes using our SendGrid Subscription Widget.

Designed For SendGrid

Seamless Integration with SendGrid Marketing Campaigns

Double Opt In

Stay GDPR compliant and improve your list quality

Works on any website

Add to any website or CMS, Wordpress included

Consent Checkbox

Add a checkbox that must be ticked

Extra Form Fields

Collect additonal data. Personalise your marketing


Fine tune all text, emails, form fields and CSS

Redirect URL's

Show a thank you page on sign up


Add your own feedback messages in any language

Welcome Emails

Automatic welcome email sent to subscribers


View subscriber metrics over time

Multiple Sendgrid API Keys

Connect to multiple Sendgrid accounts


Your API key is never exposed

Subuser Access

Access lists in subuser accounts


Receive an email notification when someone subscribes

Developer Friendly

Easy to integrate and style with CSS

Quick Setup

Copy and paste code snippet


Only one JavaScript to keep performance snappy


Complies with CAN-SPAM Act and GDPR


Rich guides for step by step installation and configuration


Top quality support 365 days a year

How It Works

A simple sign up widget to paste into your website and style as you wish

Create Widget

Set up a widget in two clicks

Link To SendGrid

Choose one of your existing Sendgrid lists

Paste Generated Code

Add the widget code to your website

This is the entire snippet of generated code:

SG Widget Code

Easy To Use Dashboard

All tools need a clean and intuitive backend admin panel. Central to SG Widget is the dashboard to create, edit and preview your widgets. We use smart defaults so there is minimal configuration needed while also giving you the flexibility to change anything using our beautifully designed forms.

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Three simple plans, billed annually


30 Annually

  • 1 Widget
  • 1 API Key
  • Double Opt In
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • 1 Month Analytics
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80 Annually

  • 10 Widgets
  • 2 API Keys
  • Double Opt In
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • 3 Months Analytics
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Custom Form Fields
  • Subuser access
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150 Annually

  • Unlimited Widgets
  • 10 API Keys
  • Double Opt In
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • 6 Months Analytics
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Custom Form Fields
  • Subuser access
  • Priority Support
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Money Back Guarantee

30 days or your money back. We’ve put a lot of time into building the best Widget for SendGrid Marketing Campaigns and we’re sure you’ll find value in the product. If for any reason you’re not happy with SG Widget, contact us within 30 days for a full refund.


SGWidget has really solved a crucial problem for us. We were looking for the ability to leverage many custom form fields that directly feed and update subscriber profiles in SendGrid and it was able to help us accomplish just that. Not to mention the forms are easily customizable via HTML & CSS which makes stylizing super simple. The tool is comprehensive and checks all the boxes from sign-up to double confirmation to feeding the data quickly into SendGrid. Hats off to the creators of SGWidget!

- Tyler Yang, Recruitment Marketing at Shopify

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Finally got the perfect solution to integrate SendGrid on our Wordpress. Fast and seamless integration, and the best customer support you can think of.

Everything about the SG Widget is is great! You can implement it in any page and style accordingly. It’s really the simplest plugin for SendGrid and their support is top notch.

SG Widget allowed me to place a Sendgrid Widget on my website quickly with no development and the support is great.

- Kristen Malkovich, PublicEditor.io


Answers to common questions

Is this part of SendGrid?

No. We are a Sendgrid Partner and members of the Sendgrid Accelerte Program but are an external company who built a product that interfaces with their API. We collaborated with SendGrid and they featured the widget on their official blog

What permissions does my SendGrid API Key need?

There’s no need to expose your entire SendGrid account. Just create a Restricted Access API Key that only has marketing campaigns permissions. More information can be found in our docs.

Can I create multiple widgets?

Yes. You can create multiple widgets for one website or multiple widgets for many websites.

Can I use different SendGrid lists?

Yes. You can have multiple widgets interfacing with different SendGrid lists or multiple widgets talking to the same SendGrid list.

Can I style it?

Of course. SG Widget comes with default styles, which look great but you can also put your own CSS into your .CSS file to match the design of your website.

How do I install it on my site?

After you’ve signed up for an account, just click create in our backend and follow the steps. After that, paste the generated HTML snippet onto your website. Simple!

Will it hurt my page speed?

SG Widget only uses one external JavaScript file loaded with the defer attribute so there will be an additional HTTP request. If you can tolerate that, you will be fine. We are aware of the importance of minimizing requests so we inlined all the CSS to make it as fast as possible.

Is it GDPR compliant?

Yes. If your list uses Single Opt In we pass the subscriber information straight through to Sendgrid. If you use Double Opt In, we record a reference of the subscribers email address for 1 hour until the invite expires. It is then deleted or passed through to Sendgrid.

How do i create an account?

Click here

Does SG Widget store subscriber data?

No. We do not nor will we ever store subscriber data.

Does SG Widget sell subscriber data?

No. We do not store the data and we do not sell it. Subscriber data is of no value to us as we have no context of why is was obtained. Our business model is to provide website owners simple functionality to collect emails for their own lists.

Is this a replacement for the Legacy Newsletter widget?

Yes. It’s a like for like replacement. That’s the only reason we built the tool. We even used the same HTML so you can drop it in with minimal effort and the previous styles will be applied.

What support is available?

Lifetime support via email, especially during the setup phase.

What Is SG Widget?

SG Widget is a third party wrapper around the SendGrid API. It allows you to place a simple HTML snippet on your website that provides a signup form for customers to add their email address. Users will be assigned to the SendGrid list specified in the SG Widget backend and that it’s it. What you do with the email addresses after that is your choice. SG Widget is simply an email collection form - nothing more and nothing less.

You could think of it as a Wordpress plugin, but one that works on any website regardless of the CMS. As long as the front end is HTML, then SG Widget can be dropped in. It is a global solution to a common problem.

Who are the team behind SG Widget?

SG Widget was created by the small team of engineers at Leader Internet, an official Sendgrid Partner based in Ireland and members of the Sendgrid Accelerte Program. We are a close-knit group of Laravel Developers that had a bottleneck collecting emails on our websites so we built it to solve our own problem and after talking to some friends in the industry, realised that others had the same issue.

SendGrid Widget Background

SendGrid is a wonderful email delivery service but they have no subscription widget for website owners to collect email addresses.

This feature was previously available in their Legacy Newsletter Service but that has been retired since September 2017 in favour of the Marketing Campaigns product. The natural assumption is that a signup widget would be provided in the new service but unfortunately, that is not the case.

This leaves website owners with no way to collect email addresses on their website and for that reason, Leader Internet decided to the build SG Widget.

Privacy And Security

SG Widget does not store personal data for subscribers that enter their email address.

If Single Opt In is enabled, we send the email address directly through to SendGrid without storing it on our servers or in our database. If Double Opt In is enabled, we temporarily store the email address of the subscriber in our system until they click the link in their email. We then forward it to Sendgrid and delete the data from our database. If they have not clicked the link within 1 hour, the invite will expire and we delete the data from our database.

Once the data is with Sendgrid, it becomes the responsibility of Sendgrid to ensure this data is stored and accessed in a controlled way. If customers request a copy of their personal information, this request should be forwarded to SendGrid.


We are fully GDPR compliant.

We collect and store information for the people that register an SG Widget account. This is required to allow you to log in to the backend and access your widgets. The personal information we store is:

  • - Email address
  • - Name

If you are an SG Widget customer, you can request a copy of your personal information by submitting a support request within your account backend.

When an account is closed all personal information information is deleted.

Feature Requests

If you have any suggestions or feature requests for SG Widget, get in touch

Email Support


[email protected]